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Beneficial Information


New CVS Pharmacy® alert on the PayFlex Mobile® app

We're excited to announce that effective February 18, 2021, PayFlex health savings account (HSA) and standard health care flexible spending account (FSA) members will have the option to sign up for a new push notification through the PayFlex app. This notification displays on the member’s mobile device and conveniently alerts them when they’re nearby at a CVS Pharmacy® location. It reminds them that they can spend their funds on eligible items at CVS and use the Eligible Expense Scanner. It also encourages them to check their account balance.

COVID-19 Testing Information
Health Plan Testing Information and Testing Locations
Don't Lose your PayFlex Funds!
To Employees who participated in the 2020 Plan Year PayFlex Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

CalPERS Basic Pharmacy Benefits 2021

90-Day Supply Fills at Retail Pharmacies

Effective January 1, 2021, Basic members will have greater access to 90-day supplies of maintenance medications at retail pharmacies. Major pharmacy chains, including CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway, Costco and others which were previously limited to a 30-day supply, will now be able to fill 90-days of maintenance medications.

  • Will I be able to get my maintenance medications at any pharmacy?
  • How will I know if my pharmacy can fill 90 days of my maintenance medication(s)?
  • Can I continue to fill 30 days of my maintenance medication?
  • What is the copay for 90-day supplies of maintenance medications?
  • Will I still get the 90-day supply for two 30-day copays?
Watsonville Mental Health and Wellness
You have many convenient ways to get care by phone, online, or in person.
Coping with COVID-19
What you need to know
This is a great time to take advantage of using your health plan from the confines of your own home. Explore the available resources for your particular health plan.
Virtual Care
Doctors are available 24/7 and offer care for common health conditions including the flu, a cold, infections and rashes, and can:
  • Assess the members condition.
  • Give medical advice.
  • Send a prescription to the pharmacy elected by the member, if needed.
Planning a Vacation?
Dependents Moving Out?
Does Your Medical Plan Offer
Coverage Away From Home?
Benefits Hotline: 831-454-2241

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