Santa Cruz County Fire Recovery

Debris Flows/Mudflows

Last Updated: January 8, 2021

Hillside in the San Lorenzo Valley

Debris Flows

Debris flows pose a risk in hilly or sloped areas following large fires. Residents within and below the CZU Lightning Complex burn area should be aware that the dangers to life and property from these hazards are significant and have a higher likelihood of occurring for several rainy seasons following a fire. County geologists are working with state and federal partners to assess debris flow risks in neighborhoods throughout the burn area. Residents should be prepared to evacuate and may not locate temporary housing on their properties until approved by the County.

In many natural disasters, debris flows can cause more fatalities and injuries than wildfires. Learn your evacuation zone and use your mobile device to download the Code Red app today and sign up for emergency notifications.

The map above shows evacuation zones and debris flow risk throughout the CZU Lightning Complex fire zone. Please use the search bar to look up your address to determine whether you are in an evacuation zone.