All County Objectives

COVID Impacted
# 53

South County Office

Progress impacted by COVID-19. Budget constraints created by the economic impact of the pandemic may result in further objective delays or discontinuing work. Departments will complete this analysis for the December 2020 update.
By December 2020, Personnel will support efforts to establish a pilot program for shared workspaces to reduce commute burden and support improved work-life balance.

Key Steps

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Collaborate with County departments with South County facilities to identify potential cubicle space for periodic use.  Research remote workspace policies from other organizations in developing guidelines and parameters for remote office use. Select a cohort of employees to participate in the pilot program. Assess long-term feasibility of program in coordination with campus master planning process.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
3.A.i, 5.B.i, 6.B.iii AGC, CAO, GSD, HSD South County Satellite Office 60%
COVID-19 has forced a rapid rethinking of remote work policy at the County. Personnel is working with the CAO and labor partners to create the structures and systems necessary to support this change.

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