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Development Permits

By June 2021, Planning will work with property owners to complete several key development applications, including for medical offices, shopping center revitalization, mixed use developments, and workforce housing.

Key Steps

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Collaborate to ensure appropriate structure of and consistency of traffic analysis between projects. Carry out project analysis and identify appropriate conditions for approval and mitigations; prepare clear recommendations. Ensure high-quality information is available to the public; appropriate findings/conditions made, and no procedural deficiencies. Increase by 10% over 2018-19 permits issued for accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
Baseline: Progress:
2.B.ii, 5.C.ii DPW, HSA, HSD, OED 4 Development Applications 0 100% (4)
Secondary Target: Increase ADU Permits 10%
Progress: 9%
Note: COVID-19 impact on ADUs…

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