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COVID Impacted
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Livable Community

Progress impacted by COVID-19. Budget constraints created by the economic impact of the pandemic may result in further objective delays or discontinuing work. Departments will complete this analysis for the December 2020 update.
By June 2021, the County Administrative Office, in partnership with the Area Agency on Aging, will develop an action plan to become an age-friendly community.

Key Steps

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Identify best practices, resources, and stakeholders necessary for exploratory activities. Establish an advisory committee comprised of County departments and community-based organizations. Conduct assessments to identify local needs. Identify priorities and specific achievable goals based on “The 8 Domains of Livability”, as defined by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
1.A.ii, 2.B.ii, 3.B.i ALL Age-Friendly Community Action Plan 30%

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