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Emissions Reduction

By June 2021, the Agricultural Commissioner will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 10% (LBS of CO2) compared to 2018 levels to support clean air efforts.   

Key Steps

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Evaluate and consider operational changes to reduce fuel use. Track vehicle and equipment fuel usage. Strive to replace equipment with battery models as they age out. Research/test feasibility of drone applications.
Plan Reference:

4.C.i, 6.C.i, 6.D.ii

Collaborating Depts:



145,393 LBS of CO2




141% (138,780)

CO2 numbers were calculated using the EPA's emission factor of (8887 grams CO2/ per gallon of gasoline) multiplied by the gallons of gas used by each vehicle, which was obtained from the GasBoy records generated from Fleet and provided to our department.

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