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Employee Recognition Awards - 2016

The employees listed below were selected for their personal achievements in 2016.

  Bronze Silver Gold

Tied Between:
James Carranco, Human Services Department

Raunel Zavala, Human Services Department

Larry Caylor, Human Services Department

Trevor Davis, Human Services Department

  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the CCS/Vital Records Clerical Unit

Ana Jordana
Ana Navarro
Asenat Ventura
Ruth Montalvo

Tied Between:

Loan Nguyen, Health Services Agency

Alan Lamb, Mental Health Team

Tied Between:
Members of the Mobile Emergency Response Team, Health Services Agency

Marty Riggs
Cynthia Nollenberger
Gary Reeves
Bryan Rich
Shannon Dean
Kurt Churchill

Members of the Avatar Implementation Team, Health Services Agency

Adriana Bare
Carmen Robles
Karolin Schwartz
Karen Anderson-Gray
Pam Rogers-Wyman
Vanessa De La Cruz
Nancy Mast
Chris McCauley
Lynn Harrison
Stan Einhorn
Marty Riggs
Jan Weber
Jasmine Najera
Kathy Cytron
Leah Flagg-Wilson
Meg Yarnell
William Manov

  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by members of the ISD Dream Team, Information Services Department

Archer Koch
Maitreya Maziarz
Michael Tate
Eric Howe
William Chang
Tom Melkonian

Tied Between:
Shauna Soldate, General Services Department

Luis Meza, County Counsel

Members of the Animal Services Team, Animal Services Department

Todd Stosuy
Patricia Setliff
Jen Walker

Shared by members of the Election Team 2016, Elections Department

Tricia Webber
Martin Peaden
John Beck

  Bronze Silver Gold

Shared by the Electronic Plan Check Team.

Aimen Al-Refai, ISD
Nancy McCollum, Planning
Michael Sotero, Planning
Amy Willbanks, Planning
Dennis Thomas, ISD
Carolyn Burke, Planning
Nathan MacBeth, Planning
Lynne Bryan, Planning
Silbiano Cruz-Hernandez, ISD
Maitreya Mazariz, ISD

Bryan Kriete, Agricultural Commissioner

Ana Maria Rebelo, Department of Public Works

  Bronze Silver Gold

Andrew Davis, Probation Department

Shared by members of the Consumer Affairs and Environmental Protection Team, District Attorney’s Office

Shared by members of the Sheriff’s Office 21st Century Policing Task Force, Sheriff's Office

Chief Deputy Craig Wilson
Lt. Robert Payne
Lt. Steve Carney
Lt. Paul Ramos
Lt. James Ross
Sgt. Christopher Clark
Sgt. Dee Baldwin
Sgt. Stefan Fish
Sgt. Roy Morales
Sgt. Nicholas Baldrige
Deputy Michael Pruger
Deputy Jason Dunn
Deputy William Burnett
Deputy Robert Paul
Deputy Socorro Luna
Deputy Steven Ryan
Deputy Daniel Cruz
Deputy Dakota Clark
Deputy Jordan Brownlee
Kathy Samms
Ruth Hong