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2019 Employee Recognition Awards - Justice

GOLD Tied between members of the Probation Service Center Planning and Implementation Team, and members of the Focused Intervention Team

Members of the Probation Service Center Planning and Implementation Team, including:
Left to right: Alphonse Arretz, Deborah Voith, Yolanda James-Sevilla, Sara Jamison, Andrew Davis, Armando Baltazar - Press Play to listen to audio.
The Probation Service Center Planning and Implementation Team led the effort to co-locate treatment and supportive services in the first ever Probation Service Center. This center was designed to ensure process improvement and innovative practices that contribute to the wellbeing of the justice involved population and public safety. The team engaged planning input from probation staff as well as County and community partners to ensure an inclusive planning process. To date, the Probation Service Center has served over 200 individuals by providing immediate assessment of needs and connection to providers. This model increases collaborative partnerships across the county as well as increases public safety.
Members of the Focused Intervention Team, including:
Back row, left to right: Jeffrey Goodyear, Sgt. Billy Burnett, James Russell, Deputy Ryan York
Front row, left to right: Jennifer Deagon, Laura Hernandez, Deputy Randall Hop - Press Play to listen to audio.
The Focused Intervention Team, or FIT, is a partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and County Behavioral Health. FIT was formed to increase access to behavioral health services, protect community safety, and enhance community stability for justice involved individuals suffering from mental illness and substance use disorders. This team works to provides increased access to services that promote community wellness, and since its inception in January 2019, 19 people have completed the FIT program. The FIT model is unique to California and paves the way for a new style of mental health oversight for individuals that pose challenges to the community
Shared by members of the Sheriff Coroner Accreditation Team, including:
Left to right: Coroner Detective Wendy Ramm, Dr. Stephanie Fiore, Sergeant Ian Patrick, Forensic Technician Genevieve Reilmann, Detective Dakota Clark
Not pictured: Lt. Paul Ramos, Coroner Detective Wesley Grant, Coroner Detective Naomi Silva

- Press Play to listen to audio.

In 2019, the Coroner Division of the Sheriff’s Office successfully applied for and received accreditation through the International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners. The Coroner’s unit worked diligently throughout the year to ensure that over 230 national standards were in place in their policies and procedures in order to receive this prestigious accreditation. This unit conducted the demanding accreditation activities while also ensuring they met their busy day-to-day responsibilities. The efforts of the Coroner’s unit reflect the Sheriff’s Department’s commitment to high standards and a high level of service to the community.
Shared by members of the Human Trafficking Investigation Team, including:
Inspector Joe Hernandez and Inspector Kenny Besk (not pictured) - Press Play to listen to audio.
The Human Trafficking Investigation Team expanded their scope and scale of community awareness in 2019 with their first ever Human Trafficking Symposium in March. The symposium included attendees representing law enforcement, social services, health services, mental health services, education and numerous other partners, business, and community groups. By providing education at the symposium, there are over 300 community members who are now able to identify potential victims and participate in prevention, intervention and advocacy efforts to address human trafficking in Santa Cruz County. Currently, the Human Trafficking Investigations Team is working to identify partnerships and resources to address the short, mid, and long-term needs of human trafficking survivors and deploy a cohesive streamlined response to this challenging issue.