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Child Wellbeing

Progress impacted by COVID-19. Budget constraints created by the economic impact of the pandemic may result in further objective delays or discontinuing work. Departments will complete this analysis for the December 2020 update.
By June 2021, Human Services will ensure 75% of children entering care will receive at least one Child and Family (CFT) meeting.

Key Steps

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Work with Health Services to develop the CFT protocol, which will be a collaborative approach. Establish baseline. Identify and train staff to conduct meetings and any associated procedures. Conduct meetings with children who are entering out of home care to support placement stability. Track progress, identify lessons learned, enhance programs as needed.
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
Baseline: Progress:
1.B.ii, 1.D.ii, 5.D.ii HSA 75.00% CFT Meeting Rate 50% 46% (67.5%)
One way to ensure family-centered services is to hold child and family team (CFT) meetings which seek to promote individualized holistic plans for each child entering care. The team may include formal and informal supports of the child and all members share the responsibility to assess, plan, intervene, monitor, and refine services over time.

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