All County Objectives

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By June 2021, Health Services in collaboration with community partners will increase Homeless Outreach, Proactive Engagement Services (HOPES) client engagement by 40% and substance use treatment completion by 25%, and reduce client arrests six months after program engagement by 20%.

Key Steps

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Complete onboarding of HOPES staff to have a dedicated care team. Continue to work with community partners to identify and refer eligible clients to the HOPES program. Continue to coordinate with the Homeless Action Partnership to ensure HOPES operates efficiently within the system of care.  
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
Baseline: Progress:
1.B.iii, 1.D.i, 6.D.ii DAO, HSC, HSD, PRB 80% Engagement in Services 58% 45% (68%)
Secondary Target: 25% increase in treatment completion Progress: 50%
Tertiary Target: 20% decrease in arrests Progress: 347%
Note: Arrests decreased by 68%, or about 3.5 times greater than the target decrease.

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