Recorder Seal

Santa Cruz County Recorder

Sean Saldavia, County Recorder
701 Ocean Street, Rm. 230, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Phone (831) 454-2800 ; Fax (831) 454-3169 E-Mail


Civil Court, Family Law and Probate Information

The Santa Cruz County Recorder's Office handles the recording of marriage, births and deaths. All other papers and information pertaining to family law (divorce), civil matters (lawsuits) and probate (last wills) are handled by the Clerk's Office of the Superior Court of California. For information on family law please call (831) 786-7200; for civil matters and probate please call (831) 420-2200, or visit

Here are some general guidelines for doing business with the Clerk of the Court:
  • You have the choice of coming in person, or using the mail. In person: most Civil and all of Probate cases are heard at Superior Court in the County Government Center, 701 Ocean St., Rm. 110, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831-420-2200). Family law cases are heard at Superior Court, 1 Second St., Rm. 300, Watsonville CA, 95076 (831-786-7200).
  • Case Indexes or Record searches are not done by telephone nor are Case Files reviewed to answer telephone queries.
  • If you are needing copies or certified copies and know the case number, include in the request:
    1. Case Number,
    2. Case Title and
    3. Approximate Date
  • Copies are .50 per page.
  • Certified copies (except Final Judgment of Divorce) are $25.00 plus $1.00 for each additional page attached.
  • Final Judgment of Divorce certified copies are $15.00,  plus $1.00 for each additional page attached.
  • If you do not know the case number they will do a search for you for a fee of $15.00 per case. When mailing your request for a search, please include:
    1. Case Title,
    2. Person's Names,
    3. Approximate Dates and
    4. Any other information you think would help in the search
  • Send your letter to:

                 Civil and Probate cases:                             Family Law and Small Claims cases:

       Superior Court                                                  Superior Court
       701 Ocean St., Rm. 110                                 1 Second Street, Room 300
       Santa Cruz, CA 95060                                    Watsonville, CA 95076
  • Include a check payable to "Superior Court of California". If you don't know the exact amount, leave the register blank and under that line write, "Not to exceed $" and enter the dollar amount you estimate the maximum services to be. They will only enter the amount of service rendered. Please include your driver's license number and expiration date.
  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with appropriate postage.  $1.00 is suggested for 4-15 pages and $4.00 for every 100 pages.
  • The Clerk estimates they will send any information back in 10-20 court days.



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