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2019 Employee Recognition Awards - General Government

Shared by members of the Electronic Permitting Team, including:
Back row, left to right: Marty Heaney, Robert Collacino, Greg McLean, Maitreya Maziarz
Front row, left to right: Kelly Chaffee, Amy Wilbanks, Silbiano Cruz-Hernandez, Tom Melkonian, Darlene Samakese

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The Electronic Permitting Team was a cross departmental collaborative team effort to develop an online system to process and issue Over the Counter permits in the Planning Department. These types of permits include re-roofing, water heater replacements, minor electrical alterations, air conditioner unit replacements and other minor permits. Issuing these permits used to require a time-consuming and frustrating in-person process, but with the implementation of this new system, permit applications can now be completed and issued from a home computer in only ten minutes. The number of users on this new online system is increasing each day, and this team’s work has greatly improved customer experience and efficiency.
Shared by members of the Cannabis Compliance Enforcement Team, including:
Back row, left to right: Sam LoForti, Michael Sapunor, Heather Presley, Steve Carney
Front row, left to right: Fred Gomez, Vasant Sharma, Jason Fennelly

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This team has worked over this past year to ensure legal cannabis businesses are complying with regulations that ensure public health and safety, as well as manage enforcement of actions against illegal operators in the County. Working together, this team established standardized research methods and inspection checklists, instituted quarterly compliance checks, created abatement processes; and provided educational outreach. Additionally, they’ve also established excellent cross-departmental and agency communication channels with county departments and local agencies. This team has been identified as a great example of innovation and continuous improvement to optimize County operations.
Angel Magana , General Services Department
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Angel Magana is a custodian with the General Services Department. He consistently goes the extra mile to make sure that staff who work in the office he's assigned to have a clean and comfortable place to work. He has a great attitude, is detail oriented, thinks outside of the box, and is a pleasure to work with. In addition, Angel takes great pride in making sure that other staff are taken care of.
Angel has been described as being a perfect example of someone who is dedicated, engaged and inspires others to do their best.