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The Assessor has not yet received legislative interpretation or guidance from the Board of Equalization on the implementation of Proposition 19. We will not have definitive answers to questions regarding changes to the law until then.

The Board of Equalization has created an informational page on their website comparing current law to changes that will occur under the new law. We recommend that you visit this site: and monitor it for updates.

Form numbers begin with BOE-19

#CZU LightningComplex Fire

Update 12/22/2020: The Assessor's Office has processed most of the calamity reductions that we are aware of. If your property had physical damage and you have not received a calamity reduction on your property please file a Calamity Application (see links below) or contact our office.

Characteristics update: The Assessor’s online database has been updated to reflect the current characteristics of a parcel. We understand that you may still need access to the historical characteristics so for those properties that were destroyed in the CZU fire we've added a link to access that information. (On the Characteristics page of our website you will see a link "Historical Characteristics").

These electronic records may be incomplete and may not reflect all buildings in our records. Only the assessor building records (paper files) will document all buildings the assessor has record of. To date we have scanned and emailed 605 building records to property owners. To receive your complete assessor records please file a calamity application (below).

If you need to update your mailing address, please complete the change of address form below.


Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have questions, contact our office at or (831) 454-2270 for more information.

Assessor’s Office

Due to the current health crisis, and to help slow the spread of Covid-19, we encourage customers to go to our website for the information and/or forms that they need.


By email at:

Or by phone at:

       Real Property                          831-454-2270

       Business Property                   831-454-2487

       General Assessor’s Office         831-454-2074

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Primary Functions and Responsibilities of the Assessor's office.

Property Tax Information - This site offers informational brochures and links to other sites explaining various aspects of Assessment practice.

Your Assessment Appeal - State Board of Equalization video providing information to taxpayers on the appeals process.

Geographic Information System - This site allows you to select a parcel or an area of the County and discover the various designations that will affect use of the land, such as zoning, the General Plan land use designation, resources and constraints.

Search the Assessor's Database - Find parcel information by keying the Assessor's parcel number or the parcel's address.

Assessor Use Codes - This site explains Use Codes and provides a link to a table of all of the Assessor's Use Codes.

Business/Personal Property - This site offers information pertaining to business property accounts, vessels, aircrafts, slips, and hangars.
For more information, please call us during office hours, at (831) 454-2002, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.  Fax:  831-454-2495.

We are located on the first floor of the County Government Center at 701 Ocean St., Rm. 130, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060.

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