Operational Plan Guide



Collaboration and teamwork are vital to successfully implementing the operational plan and delivering results for the community. In developing the plan, the County surveyed departments and partners to better understand current goals and plans serving Santa Cruz County. Over 1,000 goals were cataloged and reviewed by committee members, and important connections were made and strengthened in the process.


No department is an island. The County necessarily works together to achieve its vision and mission. Within the operational plan, every objective has an accountable department and at least one collaborating department. The chart below shows this collaboration, and the extent to which departments rely on one another.


The operational plan also recognizes the County’s reliance on external agencies, service providers, and community members in achieving its vision and mission. Over 25% of the countywide strategies identify collaboration and partnership as the approach necessary to achieve County goals.

In addition, the operational plan lays out several department objectives for bolstering and supporting partner agencies and service providers that make a healthy, safe and more affordable community.

2019-21 Operational Plan
Objective Coordination Map by Department